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Erin is native to Windsor/Essex County and is known for her commanding operatic voice as well as for her community driven performances and creative initiatives. After returning home to         Windsor following several years travelling abroad as a professional singer, Erin began creating small operatic projects which have now become Abridged Opera. She is also the founder of Music Moves Kids and the 2016 recipient of the Windsor Mayor’s Award.

Alyssa is a lyric soprano from Leamington. She is an active member of the musical community and has taken a strong leadership role within Abridged Opera ensuring the success of every project. She is a bilingual member of the Abridged Opera team. 

Stage Director
Director of Marketing

Tracey Atin has been creating art in Windsor and Essex County for decades and her impact is on the arts communit is palapable. 

She is the founder of Korda Artistic Productions which has seen over 50 shows since it began. 


Tracey's training also began with the classica style, and though for many years her focus has been musical theatre she is delighted to be returning to her roots after all these years and joining forces with Abridged Opera to create memoral and meaningful art in Windsor. 


Joanna is the founder of InTune. She graduated from St. Clair College with a post-graduate degree in Autism and Behavioural Science. She holds her Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) from the University of Windsor and is accredited by the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (MTA). She also holds her Associate Degree (ARCT) in Piano Performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Joanna is an active pianist in the Windsor area, frequently performing in concerts and musicals and at churches, wedding ceremonies, and receptions. She is an accompanist for the University of Windsor, Kiwanis Music Festival, Riverfront Theatre Company and Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations and is excited to be working with Abridged Opera.


Amelia is a Windsor native known for her rich, unique timbre and her expressiveness both as an actress and musician. She holds her Masters in Music and is a regular performer with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. She is a recent recipient of a w.a.v.e.s. festival grant in Windsor and is an enthusiastic member of the Abridged Opera team, believing in the power of opera to communicate. 

French School Tour

Kaitlyn is a Leamington soprano pursuing her Masters of Music from Western University. Her background is in theatre and she has an infectious energy on the operatic stage. She is a bilingual member of the Abridged Opera team and will support the school tour with the French Board. 

Brianna is a Windsor native, pursuing her DMA from Western University with a strong focus on operatic marketing and social media influence on audience growth. She is a soprano with brilliant high notes and a love of musical theatre in addition to opera. She recently appeared on stage as Maria with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. 

Social Media

Christine is a Hamilton native but has called Windsor/Essex home for over a decade. She has recently begun a new chapter in her life as a mum, to her two-year-old son, Hudson. Christine is a    founding member of Music Moves Kids and holds an education degree as well as a Masters in Music. Her great love, alongside opera, is music education and she is a strong member of the        Abridged Opera team inspiring children at every turn.

Stage Management

Adam is a Windsor native, pursuing his DMA from Western University, and is quickly gaining notoriety as a versatile and up-and-coming baritone. In addition to his operatic studies, Adam is focusing on stage management and operatic administration learning from incredible industry professionals like Michael Cavanagh and Tom Diamond. 

School Tour

Kate is native to Windsor, a librarian by day and soprano by night. She holds her Masters in Musicology and Library Science from Western University. She is passionate about music education and has worked as a sessional instructor at the University of Windsor, a teaching assistant at Western and is a volunteer teacher with the Downtown Music Initiative.